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Dennis Dvorin

Chief Comic Officer

After being in network marketing for over 20 years, Dennis was sitting on the throne one day when he realized that the most residual product that everyone must use is toilet paper and if you have a better ‘mousetrap’ that is environmentally friendly, stronger, softer, and more biodegradable, delivered to your door, you have a winner! Then along came the Covid pandemic challenge with the government banning over 100 hand sanitizers due to potential illnesses and even death from methanol. His friend referred him to an exclusive sanitizer that he only had to use twice a day, since it killed the Corona virus for up to 12 hours and was safe! He also found a nano cloth silver mask which is practical, comfortable and safe. The mask is also washable and reusable and will probably be required gear for many years to come. With Dennis’ long background in network marketing, he put his sense of humor to work and came up with a hilarious satire of MLM that everyone can appreciate. It has never been done before, where you don't have to sell or explain anything to make a sale- but just refer everyone to a very funny video or webinar, where they will ‘crack’ up until they, ‘laugh their ass off’!

Sanjay Sharma

Chief Executive Officer

In Los Angeles Califorina, Sanjay has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years as CEO of his own company. Sanjay has strong Business Operation strengths and is very fond of great customer service. Sanjay firmly believes in working with the mission and vision of the founder of Toilet Paper Project. Mr. Sanjay is a firm advocate for positive changes in socail media and he is a poineer voice for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world.

Big Al Greer

Vice President

Greer is a retired 47 year Air Force Veteran. After his retirement Mr. Greer has spent much of his time in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field, small to medium business and enjoying the free time with his grandchildren and family. Mr. Greer serves on the Board of TPN and is the Senior Vice President of the Toilet Paper Network Inc.